Ryan Frederick
futurist | author | entrepreneur | financier

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The world is evolving faster than ever before. Leaders of every organization need to understand the strategic and operational impacts of the future of work and customer expectations to thrive. Ryan provides value to audiences by providing context, understanding, and roadmaps to be successful in a new era.

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Ryan Frederick

Ryan Frederick is a futurist, strategist, technologist, financier, and author. Ryan is a Principal at the digital innovation firm AWH a Strategy Guide with the strategy consulting firm Simply Strategic, in addition to being a certified futurist. Previously he has been a part of starting six software companies. Ryan has written two books about starting and managing companies. He frequently speaks about the future of work and leveraging technology for greater impact and value.

Experienced Speaker

Author of:
The Founder's Manual & Sell Naked


Interview by Joe Kutchera

Get Ryan Frederick's insights with this author interview hosted by fellow author, speaker, and marketing advisor, Joe Kutchera.

The Founder's Manual

Many aspects of being a Founder, creating a product, and building a company are counter-intuitive. In The Founder's Manual, Ryan Frederick, provides insights into how to deal with them including:

  • Founders have to run to the fire, not away from it.
  • Scale doesn't matter until a small number of customers love what you are doing.
  • You can't solve a problem you don't understand at an expert level.
  • Customer Product Fit is better than Product Market Fit and why.
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Sell Naked

If you are starting or growing your agency or professional services firm this book gives you the strategies and tactics used by Ryan to grow his firm.

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